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January Object(s) of the Month: winter warmers

Our inspiration this month is ways to keep warm during the cold season.  Before inventions such as central heating and double glazing we had to find alternative ways to keep warm and, with this in mind, our January display focuses on two practical items in our collection: a wool cape dating from the 1920s and… Continue reading January Object(s) of the Month: winter warmers

Object of the Month

A Month for Remembrance

November is a month of remembrance, with Armistice Day commemorated on the 11th and Remembrance Sunday soon after.  It provides an opportunity for the nation to unite, remembering the significance of the end of the First World War and the sacrifice of so many. It is also a month when one simple flower turns into… Continue reading A Month for Remembrance

Object of the Month

The Great Storm of 1987- 30 years on!

On the night of October 16th 1987 Britain had suffered from the biggest storm in recent history. Surrey in particular hadn’t suffered from a storm of this scale in 284 years! (since the great storm in 1703) Needless to say the entire country had impacted tremendously from the aftermath of the storm. The wind speeds… Continue reading The Great Storm of 1987- 30 years on!

Object of the Month

Bricks and Scandals!

August object of the month has been written by one of our student volunteers for Sutton Heritage (Honeywood Museum & Whitehall Historic House) Lucy! For this objects of the month we have a family run business of Cheam bricks and some interesting stories surrounding the members of the Waghorn family which includes a court case… Continue reading Bricks and Scandals!

Object of the Month

Norah Travers (1858-1922)

This month’s OTM (Object of The Month) are two beautiful paintings of Travers Cottages, You can see these at Cheam Library during opening hours. Here you will find some information about Norah Travers and her family who lived in the local area, Enjoy! Norah Travers was born in Cheam in 1858. Her father, Otho Travers… Continue reading Norah Travers (1858-1922)

Object of the Month

Cricket in Your Pocket? “Howzthat?”

With football boots hung up for the summer and the chalk dust of Wimbledon now settled, this month we thought it would be appropriate to showcase an object that very much reflects another long time English tradition and favoured sport of the season, and indeed of the area. Cricket.  So, while the best in their… Continue reading Cricket in Your Pocket? “Howzthat?”