We Are Moving!

For almost 10 years our volunteers and heritage team have used this site to bring you the latest news about Whitehall and to share our passion for historic research and storytelling. We are still committed to bringing you new and interesting articles, however we have found a new home for these on the new and… Continue reading We Are Moving!

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A Very Spooky Whitehall Halloween

It’s coming up to Halloween and Whitehall has been putting on several events to celebrate the occasion. Our fun Halloween trail takes you on an adventure around Whitehall and includes kids crafts! This blog post will discuss a quick history of the occasion itself, including its origins and how it evolved overtime, followed by a… Continue reading A Very Spooky Whitehall Halloween

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The Ruling Children of Henry VIII

Several months back, we uploaded a blog post on the six wives of Henry VIII. In this article, we will be exploring his three children, whose lifestyles are as equally interesting and complex. Henry VIII gave birth to several children with his wives and mistresses, but only three legitimate ones survived and took the throne.… Continue reading The Ruling Children of Henry VIII

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The Great Essex Coup Plot at Nonsuch!

“It is a world to be here…and see the humours of the place.” Roland Whyte, writing about his experiences of the event. On the 28th September 1599, an astounding event took place at Nonsuch. The Earl of Essex, in an alleged attempt to take power for himself, tried to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I whilst she… Continue reading The Great Essex Coup Plot at Nonsuch!