Ramadan, Two Years On

Scheherazade works in Sutton Council’s Cultural Services team. In 2020, she shared her thoughts on Ramadan during the lockdown brought about by Covid-19. Two years later, she brings her reflections on how Ramadan was different from before.

The doorbell rang just before sunset, and I answered the door to the little girl from across the road.

“Ramadan Mubarak!” she said, smiling, as she handed me a carrier bag with two foil trays inside, filled with food for us to break our fast, then happily went on her way.

This brief friendly exchange was in sharp contrast to two years previous where every meeting was edged with caution, requiring face masks, sanitised hands, and social distance.

Two years ago, we only shared iftar, the breaking of our fasts, within our own household with everyone at home. All external social contact was limited to essential or virtual only. Now we can welcome family and friends again properly, not just standing two metres away from an open doorway. The mosques are now fully open, without any requirements for face masks or social distancing. It’s been a pleasure to share iftar time with other people again after all the restrictions that everyone has faced.

One evening this year, I had an unusual reminder whilst on the bus returning home from work. My phone went into Night Mode suddenly, indicating it was sunset, and time to break my fast. This was a very different experience to the family iftars we shared two years ago. 

Things are definitely going back to normal. 

Two years on, Covid-19 hasn’t completely gone away, but we can look forward to celebrating Eid with family and friends again with cautious optimism.

Feel free to read more of Scheherazade’s reflections, such as her piece on Eid in 2020.

By Scheherazade Ismail


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