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10 Objects I can’t live without….

We’re catching up once again with the activities of our Whitehall Youth Panel who, over the last year, have been planning an exhibition based around the theme of: ’10 objects I can’t live without’. Today’s post comes from Kathleen O’Sullivan (Yr. 9), who looks back on the final stages of preparation for the exhibition ahead of the production of the display panels, delivery of objects and the final installation at Whitehall.

Soon after Kathleen wrote her post we installed the exhibition. Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions, end of year exam commitments (including GCSE’s for some!), members of the Youth Panel were unable to attend the site in order to help with the installation. After all the hard work on all parts, this was a real shame, but we hope to meet up with the panel and Sutton South Hello members on site very soon for a small celebration.

Nonetheless, we are delighted to announce the exhibition is now installed and ready to welcome visitors! So…book your tickets now or pop in on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until the 24 July 2021 to find out exactly what 10 Objects our inspiring and committed Youth Panel (and Sutton South Hello members) can’t live without!

To be in line with current guidelines, booking tickets in advance is recommended although non pre-booked tickets may be available on the day. Advance book tickets are available via our Eventbrite page here.

Whitehall Youth Panel – Exhibition Update #2

In our latest meeting, designer Phillip Simpson (who is in charge of the exhibition’s appearance) revealed the very exciting final design of ’10 Objects I can’t live without’. Many meetings, ideas, failed and successful google files, blog posts and general work behind the scenes have built up to our brilliant display. Working with Whitehall and its amazing staff has really made me realise just how much it takes to put something like this together, and it’s a process that’s always happening in countless museums throughout the country, so being involved has been a real privilege. Due to open in 2020, this exhibition has overcome many obstacles… A rather large one being Covid! Nonetheless, the hard work paid off and here I am, about to give you a sneak peak of our plan (it’s rather amazing as I’m sure you can guess). 

Taking inspiration from Arushi’s suggestion of neon shades, Phillip chose two bold colours for the scheme, one to represent the objects chosen by Nonsuch students, and the other for Sutton South Hello. We were told of interesting label ideas, that I believe help to show the ‘jumble sale’ feel of all our objects. Next was the choice of bubble wrap being incorporated into the display…  And this isn’t any bubble wrap, this is pink bubble wrap. Sizes were decided upon, ideas were unanimously supported, and Phillip’s excellent presentation explained each and every detail. Similarities between the objects of Sutton South Hello and Nonsuch were also a focus point in terms of the layout, and elements from different types of graphic design and shapes were merged to create an informative but colourful display. Ideas as to how the photos of our objects would be displayed were explained and so was the story of Jane and Siobhan’s makeshift car boot studio which they drove around with  in order to photograph the objects of Sutton South Hello’s members. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is! Finally, we were informed of opportunities to help promote the exhibition and set it up. 

This journey of creation has been an amazing one to be a part of, but we are not finished yet. The exhibition will need to take shape in the wonderful historic house of Whitehall, bubble wrap must arrive, objects placed in glass cabinets and only then can we welcome you into our excellent exhibition.

Kathleen O’Sullivan, 9N

10 Objects I Can’t Live Without is now open at Whitehall, during opening hours on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until the 24 July 2021dvance is recommended although non pre-booked tickets may be available on the day. Advance book tickets are available via our Eventbrite page here. . Follow us @SuttonHeritage on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for further news about the exact opening date, or sign up to the Sutton Cultural Services Newsletter to keep up to date with all activities and events (sign up here).


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