Object of the Month

June Object of The Month: More Than One Use!

Reused Cigarette Tin
Perry family from Thicket road, sutton, reused their cigarette tin as a storage place for their rationing papers.

Our Object of the month looks into curious objects that have a second use! Accompanying our main object of the month we have cigarette and tobacco tins that have been used for storage, these contain old games and rationing books from 1918. All of these can be viewed at Cheam library until next month’s object.

Our Object of the month is a beautiful silver cigarette case, this is also a prestigious presentment to Edward Rowland from the S.H Marshall Charter Mayor.

Edward Rowlands silver cigarette case.
Edward Rowlands silver cigarette case on display at CHeam Library.

Edward Rowland joined the Army Service Corps in 1902 age nineteen, meaning that by the time the Great War started he had already done twelve years in the army. Rowland saw action at Mons, August 1914, at the very start of the war, winning the 1914 Star medal (commonly known as the Mons Star).

Edward Rowland is best known locally for his involvement in many local charities and organisations, which he helped, raise thousands of pounds: The Boys Brigade, The Sutton Boy’s Club, The Sutton Joyous Club for the Blind, The Royal Female Orphanage and local hospitals all benefited from his involvement.

He is also well known as a result of his part in writing ‘Mademoiselle from Armentières’! which is one of the most famous World War I songs.

By the early 1930s Edward Rowland was managing the County Cinema in Sutton High Street. The building got demolished, but the entrance and foyer were retained and was converted into shop use and now forms part of the Times 2 shopping centre.

June Object of The Month: More Than One Use,Rowlands silver cigarette case and Perry family Rationing booklets.
Displayed at cheam library

This cigarette case got presented to Edward Rowland at Charter Day, which was celebrated on the 12th of September 1934. The charter day celebrated the ‘Sutton and Cheam urban district council’ charter of incorporation and became a municipal borough in 1934.
Inside reads:

Borough of Sutton and Cheam Charter Day
Set 12
th 1934.

Presented to E.C.H Rowland
with grateful thanks

S.H marshal
Charter Mayor

The borough was also granted a coat of arms on incorporation, which you can see on the front of the cigarette case.

June Object of The Month: More Than One Use
Sutton and Cheam Coat Of Arms.

You can see the Junes Object of the Month and all of the objects discussed here in their accompanying display currently on at Cheam Library (Church Rd, Sutton, SM3 8QH) during regular library opening times.



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