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The Dark Night…

An insight into our upcoming Bat Walk and these intriguing creatures of the night from our guest blogger, David Warburton CBiol MRSB FLS MCIEEM, Biodiversity Officer – London Borough of Sutton:

Bats. What do you know about them?  Flying rodents? Get tangled in your hair? Suck your blood? And why does  a man dressed as a bat strike fear into the criminal underworld of Gotham?! I can’t promise any answers to that last question but the first few are a bit easier to deal with! 

Noctule bat ©D. Warburton

If you believe the common misconceptions about bats, you may think that they are either something to fear, or, a bit rubbish at being a mouse. That we know little about the true nature of bats probably doesn’t go a long way to fostering a massive change in their public image. 

I’ll be leading a bat walk from Whitehall Museum on Saturday 17th September around Cheam Park and parts of Nonsuch Park, hoping to improve their standing in public opinion and give you a little bit of information on why I think these beasties deserve more of our time and respect.

Brown long-eared bat ©D.Warburton

Bats are truly amazing creatures and we’ll discuss lots about what we know (and what we don’t) about these special nocturnal animals, including why they are legally protected, what they eat, how they survive freezing temperatures and how their unique adaptation has led to some incredible life-history changes.

Sleepy brown long-eared bat ©D.Warburton

If you want to find out more about our local wildlife whilst having a leisurely stroll in the dark(!), why not pop along? Details are below…

David Warburton CBiol MRSB FLS MCIEEM
Biodiversity Officer – London Borough of Sutton

Saturday 17th September, 7.50pm-9.50pmWhitehall Museum, Cheam. Bats start to ‘swarm’ at the end of the year, which may fulfil a social function and be part of the mating process. We’ll walk and talk about bats and see if, using bat detectors, we can find any swarming bats.
Cost: £5 per person. Suitable for: all ages. Booking: Essential!
For all enquiries and bookings, please call Whitehall Museum on 020 86431236 or email:



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