Project Updates

Movers & Shakers update

 After a structural survey on Whitehall, it has been proposed that Helical Bars are installed to give extra support to the fireplace in the Tudor hall. The Helical bars as shown below are inserted between the brickwork and once the works are complete will be hidden from view.

Helical Bars

Prior to editing picture taken from

 The technique used for installing these Helical Bars is to first remove the mortar between the bricks. Once this has been done the installer will partially fill the gap with a grout which enhances the tensile, shear and flexible capacity of the wall. This will then followed buy fitting the helical bar into the grout within the opening made. The last element will then be to refill the mortar between the bricks and also fill the cracks within the fireplace.

Once works are complete the only change visible will be a fresher looking mortar in-between the bricks.




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